Making a change

Is your current job unfulfilling and stressful? Have you been out of the workforce for a while and now want to get back in it?

Surveys consistently show that many American workers — about half — aren’t satisfied with their jobs. Sure, making a higher wage is part of the satisfaction quotient, but once we’re content with our pay rate and reasonably sure we won’t get laid off, we start looking at other, more nuanced aspects of our jobs. And that’s where some of our deepest dissatisfaction can occur.

The ReWorkMe survey (about 10 minutes, and always free to answer) can reveal the Work Values that make a job feel either worthwhile or a terrible grind. These Work Values reflect what motivates you, what sustains your inner drive, and which environments can support that drive or extinguish it.

When you take the ReWorkMe survey, you’ll receive your Basic Report right away. The Basic Report provides some general information about your Job Interests and Work Values.

Insight into your Work Values, which determine whether you’ll find a job fulfilling, can help you decide whether to work in a large, structured company or a small one where you might be asked to take on many different tasks. It can also help you understand what makes you feel happy and fulfilled, whether that’s working with people, being independent, advancing in your career, using your strongest abilities, having management support, or having good working conditions.

Even more value comes from the Discovery Session you can choose to do. We’ll connect online, and I’ll walk you through your Full Report (see a sample), including showing you how to use your Full Report to identify jobs and job families that match your unique profile.

I’ll also have access to the Advanced Report, available only to ReWorkMe consultants, that can yield additional insights into the interplay of your Job Interests and Work Values.