Finding our path

Finding our path in life is not the easiest thing to do.

If we’re studious, we might find joy in school subjects that challenge us. If we’re hands-on and active, we might discover our greatest fulfillment in being outdoors or creating tangible products for a busy world. If we’re people-oriented, we love being around others and find deep satisfaction in that personal connection to the individuals we serve.

In many ways, discovering what we like to do — the tasks that keep us interested in our work — is the simplest signpost on our career journey.

But sometimes we discover we’ve somehow gone awry. The job that seemed so promising has become another dead-end of drudgery and frustration. It might pay all right, and the benefits might be good, but we arise each morning feeling dread about the day ahead.

This is where the ReWorkMe Survey can help.

This online survey is quick and easy to complete — just 10 minutes of your time can reveal your essential Job Interests and, more importantly, the Work Values you hold. If your work values don’t match the values expressed in your actual work environment, then your job becomes a necessary evil. It pays the bills, but it doesn’t pay you personal dividends of fulfillment, satisfaction, and a sense of self-worth.

Once you’ve completed it, review your free Basic Report, browse the sample Full Report, and then decide if you’d like a consultation. You choose the level of consultation you’d like: A Basic Session is a walk-through of your Full Report, with tips to how to work with the information on your own; a Discovery Session is a comprehensive discussion and analysis of your survey results, including insights gleaned from your Advanced Report, which is made available only to ReWorkMe consultants.

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